Black Leather Paint

Black Leather Paint

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Wakeson Leather repair paints have been specially designed for the repair, restoration and Recolouring of all leather items.


The paint is highly flexible had great scuff resistance and good colour fastness.


This is a professional product and great care should be taken before attempting full recolour projects, this also requires a leather finish so seal in the leather paint once applied.


    First ensure that the area is cleaned of all contaminations, if there is any grease or grime and dirt left on the leather surface this could reduce adhesion and cause the paint to fail to stick to the leather surface.

    Apply the first layer by sponge, ensure that the surface has been fully covered and left to dry, this can be speeded up with the aid of a hair dryer.

    Add further layers until the required coverage has been achieved.

    Once the required finish has been completed the leather should be finished with leather finish, this can take between 2 to 3 layers and come in Matt, Satin and Gloss finishes.